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[audio]Macromundi.org Amletico M. - Macromundi Laboratory
This audio track was realized for a 2009 performance by M, a student at Anzio's Art School. The poem, written and read by M, was inspired by the 2009's eartquake that hit the italian city of L'Aquila.
Keywords: Performance; Hamlet; Eartquake; Asperger syndrome
Downloads: 20
[texts]List - 10 Positive Traits of Aspies (people with Asperger's Syndrome)
24 July 2009, I located the LAST tweaker of the document, JG, He is happy that it is free for all. There may be a earlier tweaker, if so, it won't make any difference. (The Whole Wide World (WWW) is really a small world in the end) 21 July 2009, After Mr Detective John Carter of Mars suggested the origin of the document (refer comments below) I emailed Ms Lisa Jo Rudy, enquiring whether she was the original creator of this document, and if so, could I make it free for all, in the public domain...
Keywords: Time Traveller; Asperger's Syndrome; Aspie
Downloads: 190 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Asperger Strength Free Sample: Characteristics of Asperger Syndrome - Melisa Genaux, M.Ed. and Kathie Keeler, L.C.S.W.
The first session of the eight-session audio program, Asperger Strength: How to Best Help Kids with Asperger Syndrome to Thrive. The topics covered in this session include key developmental milestones affected by Autism, Asperger Syndrome in relation to other Autism Spectrum Disorders, and the characteristics of Asperger Syndrome in the areas of language and communication, social interaction, executive function, stereotypic behaviors, motor skills, and academic learning.
Keywords: Asperger Syndrome; Asperger's Syndrome; Characteristics of Asperger Syndrome; Autism Spectrum Disorders; ASD; Autism
Downloads: 820
[texts]List Aspergers Syndrome Sites & Services in NZ
A list of Asperger's Syndrome Sites & Services in NZ as at Dec 2009 For similar items regarding Asperger's Syndrome resources, click on "Aspie" in Key Words. You can use http://tinyurl.com/y8ledju if forwarding this page link verbally.
Keywords: Aspie; Asperger's Syndrome; New Zealand; NZ
Downloads: 18
[texts]Silent Core - Adam M. Parmenter (http://aspiesinc.blogspot.com/)
Poem by adult with Aspeger syndrome on the struggle bridging the gap between the inner and outer worlds.
Keywords: Asperger syndrome; Aspie; Aspies; poem; poetry
Downloads: 17
[texts]Aspergers on the Box and the Big Screen - JG
A passage from the work; "By now I am guessing we all have seen that Hollywood and the TV networks are committed to continuing their love affair with Aspergers Syndrome. Seems it is our turn to be in the spotlight, our moment in the sun if you like. A good time to be reaping a harvest of awareness, progress, understanding I hope?" Just to be clear, this is not my writing, but I was granted permission by the author to upload the article to the archive, completely free of all licensing restrict...
Keywords: Aspie; Asperger's Syndrome; New Zealand; NZ
Downloads: 194
[audio]GSMS - Does everyone have an autistic syndrome? - Prof. Christopher Gillberg
In the introduction to his book, Mirror Mind, Eric Chen wrote 'How can a non-autistic hear the heart of an autistic child?'. Of course we can't. But one person who approaches closer than most is Christopher Gillberg, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Universities of Gothenburg and London, and Visiting Professor to the University of Strathclyde. In his lecture to the Glasgow Southern Medical Society, Chris Gillberg poses the question 'Autism – endemic, epidemic or just there?'...
Keywords: medicine; lecture; glasgow; scotland; autism; asperger's syndrome; ASD; ADHD; psychiatry; child development
Downloads: 621
[audio]How far do our genes contribute to behaviour? - Prof Thomas Bourgeron - Prof Thomas Bourgeron
Professor Bourgeron is a world authority on the genetics of neuro-developmental disorders. He discusses the extent to which our genes are known to determine our behaviour, and how modern techniques in this field are advancing our knowledge with particular reference to autism and autism spectrum disorder. Lecture given to the Glasgow Southern Medical Society at the Ebenezer Duncan Centre, Glasgow UK on Thursday 26th February 2009
Keywords: genetics; ASD; autism; autism spectrum disorder; asperger syndrome; glasgow; scotland; gsms
Downloads: 633
SYNOPSIS: SEX, LIES & ASPERGER University of Pennsylvania Clinical psychologist, Dr. Mary Riggs Cohen, and her former patient, Jacob Heinz, share their thoughts about what it means to live with the silent disability called ASPERGER SYNDROME (ALSO CALLED HIGH FUNCTIONING AUTISM), a neurological disorder of the brain. Jacob Heinz was jailed in 2006 in a Bensalem, Pennsylvania Police Department sting operation via myspace.com where officers posed as a 13 year old girl and had sexual conversations...
Keywords: dr. mary cohen; jacob heinz; asperger; autism; asperger syndrome; richard concepcion; bensalem police; pennsylvania
Downloads: 1,360
[movies]Aspie Beats That Bag - Joseph D. Smith
My name is Joseph D. Smith, I have Asperger Syndrome, and this is my favorite toy! Watch me give it to this bag! WIN!
Keywords: Joseph D. Smith; Asperger Syndrome; punching bag; Martial Arts; ftw; win; showoff; bad-ass; Aspie; Good; Epic
Downloads: 46
[movies]Interview Lisa Ball William Joseph K Publications
An interview and reading with Lisa Ball, Author/Founder of William Joseph K Publications, broadcast on CMN Television June 23 2009.
Keywords: Lisa Ball williamjkpub autism asperger syndrome spectrum publisher episodes of the norm childrens book matthew ball josh ball cartoon worm and caterpillar autistic spoken word poem poetry
Downloads: 29
[movies]Alex Plank on 1 in 50 Autism Prevalence
Like Autism Live on Facebook at http://facebook.com/autismlive Independent film maker and founder of Wrong Planet, Alex Plank shares his reaction to hearing that 1 in 50 school age children in the United States is on the Autism Spectrum. Alex was diagnosed with ASD at the age of nine and is a an inspirational speaker on the subject. He has created many videos teaching specific skills from flirting to dealing with bullies, which can be viewed on WrongPlanet.net Autism Live is a production of the ...
Keywords: autism treatment; card; autism live; autism; alex plank; transition to adulthood; wrong planet; teen years; cdc autism prevalence; autism awareness; 1 in 50; shannon penrod; autism; asperger syndrome; success on the spectrum; autism role models
[movies]Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh: Autism and Newtown Shooting
Like Autism Live on Facebook at http://facebook.com/autismlive Autism expert Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh talks about the definition of Aspergers syndrome and sheds light on the growing concern that the Newtown shooter was on the Autism Spectrum. Dr. Doreen shares her concern that people are trying to understand these tragic events by seeking answers where they cannot be found. She urges everyone to take positive action today to reach out to those in our lives who are struggling for whatever reason...
Keywords: autism treatment; aba; autism live; dr. doreen granpeesheh; let’s talk autism; shannon penrod; card; nancy alspaugh-jackson; asperger syndrome; depression and autism; newtown shootings autism; aspergers and misconceptions; autism and aggression; autism expert dr. dore
Downloads: 1
[audio]Resonant_Therapy-Mental_Healthcare - ok33
The sound frequencies used in these sessions are based upon Rife sets for resonant therapy devices. This work is dedicated to the public domain and may be reproduced without authorization. http://resonant-therapy.webs.com/ * Thalamic Diseases. The thalamus relays motor and sensory information to the cortex, it regulates as well consciousness, sleep and alertness. * Dissociative disorders, characterized by a disruption in the normal functioning of consciousness, identity, memory, or perception...
Keywords: Adiadochokinesis; Agnosia; Alzheimer Disease; Amnesia; Anomia; Anxiety Disorders; Aphasia; Apraxias; Asperger Syndrome; Attention Disorder with Hyperactivity; Autistic Disorder; Bipolar Disorder; Brain Diseases; Bruxism; Cerebellar Ataxia; Cerebral Palsy; Chorea; Choreoathetosis; Combat Disorders; Communication Disorders; Dementia; Demyelinating Diseases; Depressive Disorder; Dissociative Disorders; Dyslexia Symptoms; Dysthymic Disorder; Erectile Dysfunction; Essential Tremor; Hyperacusis; Hypersomnia Periodic; Hysteria Dissociative; Motor Neuron Disease; Movement Disorder; Multiple Sclerosis; Multiple System Atrophy; Muscle Spasticity; Mutism; Myeloencephalitis; Narcolepsy-Cataplexy Syndrome; Neurogenic Arthropathy; Neurologic Gait Disorders; Neurosis Obsessive-Compulsive; Nonverbal Learning Disorder; Paraphilias; Parkinson; Parkinsonian Disorders; Personality Disorder-Borderline; Phobic Disorders; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders; Postpartum Depression; Prosopagnosia; Psychotic Disorders; Restless Legs Syndrome; Seasonal Affective Disorder; Seizures; Seizure Disorder; Sexual Dysfunctions-Psychological; Schizophrenia; Sleep Disorders; Somatoform Disorders; Stiff-Person Syndrome; Stuttering; Thalamic Diseases; Tonic-Clonic Seizures; Tourette Syndrome; Trichothiodystrophy; Tricotillomania; Vascular Dementia; Vertigo Aural; Alternative Medicine; Alternative Therapies; Resonant Therapy; Therapy; Healing Remedies; Vibrational Therapies; Healing Sound; Music-Sound Frequencies Mix; Public Domain; ok33
Downloads: 1,101
[movies]Pre Release General Miracles Cures - human cell reprogramming - Brian Ladd
Subliminal audio and video 3 hour sleep program by Brian Ladd of www.briansdreams.com
Keywords: Gastroesophageal reflux disease 2 Acne 3 Allergy 4 Antisocial personality disorder 5 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 6 Altitude sickness 7 Alzheimer's disease 8 Andropause 9 Anorexia nervosa 10 Arthritis 11 Asperger syndrome 12 Asthma 13 Autism 14 Avoidant personality disorder 15 Back pain 16 Bad Breath 17 Alopecia 18 Bedwetting 19 Bipolar disorder 20 Bladder cancer 21 Body dysmorphic disorder 22 Borderline personality disorder 23 Bone cancer 24 Brain Cancer 25 Breast cancer 26 Brain tumor 27 Traumatic brain injury 28 Acute bronchitis 29 Burns 30 Bursitis 31 Cancer 32 Canker Sores 33 Carpal tunnel syndrome 34 Coeliac disease 35 Cervical cancer 36 Cholesterol 37 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 38 Colorectal cancer 39 Heart failure 40 Cradle cap 41 Crohn's disease 42 Dandruff 43 Deep vein thrombosis 44 Dehydration 45 Dependent personality disorder 46 Depression 47 Diabetes mellitus 48 Diaper rash 49 Diarrhea 50 Disabilities 51 Diverticulitis 52 Down syndrome 53 Drug abuse 54 Dysfunctional uterine bleeding 55 Dyslexia 56 Ear Infections 57 Ear Problems 58 Eating Disorders 59 Eczema 60 Endometriosis 61 Benign prostatic hyperplasia 62 Epilepsy 63 Erectile dysfunction 64 Eye Problems 65 Fibromyalgia 66 Fracture 67 Freckle 68 Flu 69 Gallbladder Diseases 70 Gallstone 71 Generalized Anxiety Disorder 72 Herpes simplex 73 Genital wart 74 Glomerulonephritis 75 Gonorrhoea 76 Gout 77 Gum Diseases 78 Gynecomastia 79 Head Lice 80 Headache 81 Hearing impairment 82 Myocardial infarction 83 Heart Disease 84 Heartburn 85 Heat Stroke 86 Heel Pain 87 Bleeding 88 Hemorrhoid 89 Hepatitis 90 Herniated Discs 91 Hiatus hernia 92 Histrionic personality disorder 93 AIDS 94 HIV 95 Urticaria 96 Hyperglycemia 97 Hyperkalemia 98 Hypertension 99 Hyperthyroidism 100 Hypothyroidism 101 Infectious Diseases 102 Infectious mononucleosis 103 Influenza 104 Infertility 105 Diabetes mellitus type 1 106 Iron deficiency anemia 107 Irritable bowel syndrome 108 Irritable Male Syndrome 109 Itching 110 Joint Pain 111 Juvenile Diabetes 112 Chronic Childhood Arthritis 113 Kidney Disease 114 Kidney stone 115 Leukemia 116 Liver tumour 117 Lung cancer 118 Bovine spongiform encephalopathy 119 Malaria 120 Melena 121 Memory Loss 122 Menopause 123 Mesothelioma 124 Migraine 125 Miscarriage 126 Mucus In Stool 127 Dissociative identity disorder 128 Multiple sclerosis 129 Muscle Cramps 130 Muscle Fatigue 131 Muscle Pain 132 Nail Biting 133 Narcissistic personality disorder 134 Neck Pain 135 Obesity 136 Obsessive-compulsive disorder 137 Osteoarthritis 138 Osteomyelitis 139 Osteoporosis 140 Ovarian cancer 141 Polycystic ovary syndrome 142 Pain 143 Panic attack 144 Paranoid personality disorder 145 Parkinson's disease 146 Penis Enlargement 147 Peripheral artery occlusive disease 148 Personality disorder 149 Peptic ulcer 150 Pervasive developmental disorder 151 Peyronie's disease 152 Phobia 153 Conjunctivitis 154 Poliomyelitis 155 Pneumonia 156 Post-nasal drip 157 Post-traumatic stress disorder 158 Premature birth 159 Premenstrual syndrome 160 Propecia 161 Prostate cancer 162 Psoriasis 163 Reactive attachment disorder 164 Renal failure 165 Restless legs syndrome 166 Rheumatoid arthritis 167 Rheumatic fever 168 Tinea 169 Rosacea 170 Rotator Cuff 171 Scabies 172 Scars 173 Sciatica 174 Severe acute respiratory syndrome 175 Schizoid personality disorder 176 Schizophrenia 177 Sexually transmitted disease 178 Sinusitis 179 Skin cancer 180 Skin Eruptions 181 Sleep disorder 182 Smallpox 183 Snoring 184 Social anxiety disorder 185 Staph infection 186 Stomach cancer 187 Strep throat 188 Sudden infant death syndrome 189 Sunburn 190 Syphilis 191 Systemic lupus erythematosus 192 Tennis elbow 193 Termination Of Pregnancy 194 Testicular cancer 195 Tooth Decay 196 Edwards syndrome 197 Tuberculosis 198 Ulcers 199 Urinary tract infection 200 Varicose veins
Downloads: 130
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